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Expert resources to help you navigate senior health challenges

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Help your aging loved one make sound decisions with expert information on common conditions in seniors and care after a diagnosis. Plus, learn how to keep seniors safe and healthy with tips on medication management, nutrition, and more.

Common conditions & care


Vitamin B12 and Dementia: What’s the Connection?

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Multiple Sclerosis Progression, Explained

Each person's multiple sclerosis progression is different, but here's how to prepare for a loved one's MS.

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Dementia and Repetition

Repeating phrases or actions is a common symptom of dementia and can become frustrating for caregivers. Learn why senior...

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5 Ways the Elderly Hide Signs of Dementia

Nobody wants a dementia diagnosis, but avoiding one can make life harder in the long run. Discover the common ways your ...

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A Family’s Guide to Caring for a Parkinson’s Patient at Home

Learn about symptoms and causes of Parkinson’s in the elderly, plus tips on caring for them at home.

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Talk with a Senior Care Advisor

Our advisors help 300,000 families each year find the right senior care for their loved ones.

Medication management


Senior Medication Safety: A Guide to Medication Management for Elderly Adults

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What to Do When an Elderly Parent Refuses Medication

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Nutrition and exercise


Best Supplements and Vitamins for Dementia Patients

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Boost Senior Health

Learn about foods that cause inflammation, and how to adjust to these foods with healthy eating tips.

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Does Vitamin D Influence Memory Loss and Dementia?

Research has indicated a potential correlation between vitamin D deficiency and an elevated risk of dementia, underlinin...

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Effective, Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

Learn more about the health benefits of low-impact exercises for seniors. Explore seven different workouts that can beco...

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Exercises for Dementia Patients: Ways to Keep a Loved One Physically Active

Exercise for dementia patients can improve mood and has health benefits for both senior and caregiver.

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